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Writer's References

In my own experiences, I would have to say the thing I would really like to find on a writers website is references.  We all want to know how to get our writing out in the world, right? Well, I have listed just a few of the good references I have found in my own ventures; not only for Publication, but for writing itself. I say the more options, the better!


The Fantasy Writer's Reference Edited by Terry Brooks                                                                                                                A perfect book for writing about the Dark Age.  This book is packed with very useful information.  It tells you about the weapons used, punishments, dress styles, behavior and a lot more.  I have found it very useful in my own writing, because if I did not have that book, it would have taken me so long to gather all that information elsewhere.

How to Write Science-fiction and Fantasy by Orson Scott Card                                                                                                    A very useful book on writing Fantasy and Science-fiction in general. 


Write Better, Speak Better (A Writers Digest book)                                                                                                                          A Very good book about Writing, but also Public Speaking!

Comedy Writing Secrets by Mel Helitzer with Mark Shatz           

Novel and Short Story Writer's Market edited by Lauren Mosko       

 Poet's Market edited by Nancy Breen