Story Notebook

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To create your Story Notebook

A "Story Notebook" is a single book that you write down every little thing you can possibly think of about your story.  It is a book you carry everywhere, so that you can write ideas down as they come to you, it is a book that you can draw little pictures in, to help you remember what a character looks like.  It is a book sort of like a writers reference guide, just, to your own book. 

What to write in your Story Notebook and how

Your writing does not have to be perfect.  It is only going to be read by you, and as long as you understand what you write, it does not matter to make it sound fancy or do a long description.  Because, you may just lose the idea before you find the "Category" of the note, or think of a nice way to say it.  My advice would be just to "Write it down" whatever way it comes.  Lets say, you are walking down the sidewalk, and a girl sticks her nose in the air rudely as she passes you.  That might come in handy as a part in your story.  So you take out your story notebook, and you jot down "A girl, passing sticks her nose in the air rudely." that would be just fine, it would remind you of the event rather than confuse you, as it would if you write "As I walked home from school, this mean looking girl walked by, stared at me and then stuck her nose up in the air rudely as she passed."  That would just take to long unnessicary time to write, and it is completely unneeded to put down all the tiny details.  I say, just to keep it simple and easy to understand.  But remember, this book is for your own personal use, and it does not have to be long and fancy, because no one else is going to see it!

How to pick out a Story Notebook

Now, it really does not matter what kind of a book it is, but in my opinion, it is best if it is small, can be carried in a pocket, purse, back, etc... so that you could carry it everywhere.  A small journal would be a great choice, or a little pocket notebook.  Just try to find one that is thick, with a lot of pages, because you would not want to have to buy more and more of them for the same story.  no, just try to stick to one, I say.  But, of course, it really is all up to you, the Writer.

Sometimes, a great thing to put into your story notebook is the summery or idea of your story, the profile for each character, maybe a map of the world you are writing?  It can also have drawings of your characters or scenes from the story, quotes of the characters you want to include so you will not forget, songs that are best for inspiration.  Just countless things.  Me, in my "Pariah" story notebook, I just jotted down every little thing that came to my mind at the time.  I was sitting in a coffee shop cafe once, and this one woman across the room kept staring at me, and so I decided to write that down.  Who knows, maybe Thesslis will walk through a town in the night, and that same woman will be staring at her as she did at me.

Another interesting thing I may suggest. A story notebook is really only for the one story you are "Currently working on", but why don't you start a book with all your actual "Story ideas"? I have one myself, I keep them in a little book, but I also keep them on a microsoft word document and also on a disk, in case someone deletes it by accident. It can be a useful thing to have if you are ever wondering what to write. You can just look in your book and find an idea that appeals to you. It can even only be a brief description, so that you can develop the idea later. It could be something like "A group of outcasts running from a evil following", not much, but enough so that you recall the idea.