My current projects

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My current projects

This is the page where you can read about my own writing, as the author of this website.  I am currently working on these books, the idea, plot, characters, etc... right now.  But these are all copyrighted so be warned!

The Shadow of day

It has long been said in the village of Wydress that there is a curse of day.  A horror that prowles the town and kills all in it's path without a moments hesitation.  But at night, a blessing walkes through, reviving even the dead, some say.     It is said that it is "The curse of Wydress" and they are paying for the ancestores mistakes, but if only they knew the whole and very real truth...

Every day at the stroke of midnihgt and at the stroke of dawn, Good and Evil itself meet.  Fight to take their own face back, for the curse upon them both is that Good must wear the face of evil every day and Evil must wear the mask of Good in the night.

It has been wondered through time what would happen if Good were to turn Evil and Evil be Good, and this story has come alive in that prospect.


This book is about a group of outcasts called the "Enuii".  Each person is this group was exiled by their various peoples becuase it was thought that there was something "Wrong with them", it was thought that they were cursed.

Altair, the leader of the Enuii, was cast out by his people in the north because he was thought to be too mysterious, but the people did not know the whole truth.  Altair has powers beyong comprehension.  He can read peoples thoughts and pry into ones mind against his will, controling them through thought.  Altair can take others weaknesses and form them into his own advantage as his own power, but only when he is facing the opponent.  

Rubric was cast out for very much the same reason, and he, too, has powers, but not the same as Altair.  Rubric is a creator of dreams.  He can make dreams for others and control them through it, even kill them.  Rubric can sense when there is danger approaching, and he is a very skilled fighter.

Mystia was exiled for being smart, too smart, most would say.  She thinks there is no higher superiority then herself, and she thinks everything should be done her way. Mystia starts conflict wherever she goes, just from her very nature.  She is a skilled warrior, but she has no real powers of her own.

Aseere was exiled by his people because he is a blood-thirsty assassin.  He kills when he is  simply angry and cannot be controlled.  The people thought that he was too dangerous to live amongst them.

Now, in this group of "Enuii", there is one who has the power to compete with Morottis, the king of darkness.  Morottis knows this, and he is even now hunting this one out to kill him before he comes back.                                                      Morottis knows that he must find another way to get him, and so he sends a spy, with powers of his own.                       The Enuii except Belial readily as one of their own, becuase he broke through their powers of protection.  And all seem to be going well.  Until the lord Morottis finds that Belial has plans of his own, and may even be more powerful than himself.



In this world, everything is alive, the castle walls, trees, wind, fire; everything that is on the world is alive. And they speak; whisper, hiss, scream, but no one can hear their warnings.  Except one man, the king of the kingdom of (No name yet!).  He has known about it since he was really young, and he hears the voices all the time, and he knows if he can trust a person if the voices say.  The voices never lie, they have a life of their own… the voices want a perfect world, for if it is not made perfect, something terrible will happen. They must find a way to wipe out all evil, and they will do it through the man who can hear them. 


I have not quite thought of a whole plotline to this story yet, but I was thinking that maybe some kind of evil can get into the kingdom, that will not leave.  Maybe from another world? Another kingdom?   I also have to think of a name for the main character, and maybe even a name for the voices too.





This story is about a girl who lives in Avolaya, the land of the dead. 

            In Avolaya, few know they are dead, and those that do, say nothing.  The people of Avolaya feel nothing, not the cold shill of the night, nor the people around them.  All they feel is the pangs of their deaths, a slit in the throat, or a stomach ache that caused a brutal death, whatever they died from, they feel it every day, yet they ignore it, for it is the only thing they do feel.  They do not eat, for they do not need to.  They remember nothing of life; they remember nothing before living in Avolaya.

            There is one though, that knows there is something wrong. She knows she has to find out.  She leaves in the dead of night, across the mountains of death, the valleys of shadow, the forests of fear, until she comes to the land of the living, where she meets her living family.  She does not recognize her, nor her, them.  They fear her exceedingly, because she is a ghost, in their eyes.  But only her sister trusts her, mysteriously.  She hides her and teaches her, helps her remember her past, her life.  And then she finds out and remembers that it was her own sister who killed her…