Short Stories

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Short Stories

On this page, you will read about Short Stories, and learn some pointers on how to write them.  As was with the "Novels" page, this is all my own opinion, others may think of things differently.

A Short Story is a hard thing to pin down.  It can seem like anything but a short story. It can be hundreds of pages long and still be a short story even.  A short story mainly focuses on one character throughout the story and does not have as complicated a plot as a Novel does. %3

Most people start by writing Short Stories, and then work their way up to Novels.  But just because most people are doing it, does not mean that you have to! If you want to write a novel, and you have not written a short story yet, I say, just write a novel! Because if you start writing a short story or something else and you really do not want to, you may just start losing your interest altogether in writing and never advance further.  I just give you this advice; Write what you want while you still want to.



The Character Development is not completely neccisary in a Short Story, as is with a Novel.  Just, one thing you must remember.  Focuse on one character.  Think about that Character, know the character, but it is not as important as it was with a novel.  You may still do the "Character Profile" if you wish though.  Because the better you know the character, the more real they seem.



In Novels, the main focuse is on the Characters, the Development.  But in Short Stories, the main focuse in normally on the world.  The Characters are almost placed there "For" the world.   I know that in my Short Story "The Stone of Knowledge" the story was focused on the world and a ancient prophesy that is about to fulful. Concordia, the main character, is not Developed, but she is not the "Main" focuse of the story.  It is one difference between Novels and Short Stories, something interesting to consider.