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Critics page

In some stage of your writing career, you must learn to "Be Critical".  I do not mean just insulting other people's books, as you may think when you hear the word "Critical", but I mean, finding out exactly what is wrong with the book.  Spotting problems, maybe it is too short, too long, not enough plot, bad development, as we discussed before on "Novels" page.  On this page, you will learn to be critical, so that you can know how to spot it in your own book, therefore, developing your own writing skills.

To be a critic, you must gain a critical eye. Just because you like a book, does not mean that you cannot be critical about it. As an example, I liked the book "Mira Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison" but there was a lot of problems with it. The character development is bad, because their personalities completely change throughout the book, and the plot is not well developed either.

When you read a book, read it slowly, form the words in your mind and make complete sense of that sentence before you go on.  Is the sentence clear? Did you understand what it meant?  My advice is to read slowly, so that you get the whole an dcomplete feel of the book, and you can completely know what it is about.

After you anylize a book, write a thourough book review about it.  Explain in detail exactly what you thought of the book.  Problems in the plot, character development, and any of your own views on the matter.  This also helps you to write book reviews for group assignments and school.

You must Anylize other books so that you can anylize your own.  Examine the book in little parts, and then the whole book all in all.  What did you think of the Characters? were they developed enough to where they were relatively predicteble?  How was the plot? was it clear, so that you knew what was going on, and it did not have any problems with it or Crinks, so I like to call them?  What did you think of the descriptions? Were there words you did not understand?   You have to think about this and be completely honest about it.  Was it well-written?  Remember, you can still like a book, even if it is not well-written!  



Try writing a letter to your favorite author. Write about a book that they wrote. Tell them exactly why you liked it in detail, what you think could be improved about it, and what you did not like about it.  Be honest though, don't just make up something or lie because it is an author you like.  when you critisize, you must be honest.  Examine the book well and write what comes to mind about it.  The author will probably be very thankful for the advice!

Do not just look at the bad though. Try to find what is good about the book too. Nobody wants to hear only bad things about their book. Of course, they want to improve through the bad, but it feels good to know that there is something good about it too. I say, take the bad with the good.

 You can copy and paste this onto a word document if you want so that you will have a book review to write when you read that book.


Book Review



What I liked about the book____________________________________

What I did not like about it_____________________________________

My overall rating of the book: 1 2 3 4 5


I have a list here of good choice books to anylize...

Mira Mirror by Mette Ivie Harrison

Shape-shifters Quest by Dena Landon

The Safe-keepers Secret by Sharon Shinn

Ombria in Shadow by Patricia Mckillip

The Storytellers Daughter by Cameron Dokey

Golden by Cameron Dokey

Send in your own book reviews here too!  It can be as long as you want, as long as it doesnt take up like fifty pages or anything.