Writers Block

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Writers Block

Writers Block is probably the most common and also annoying thing about writing.  Every writer experiences it sometimes, and it is hard to say a specific way to get through it.  But all the same, it is worth consideration, and I have written a page just for it, so that it might give you some ideas.

In my current writing of "Pariah" I have run into Writers Block about every fifteen pages or so, in some way or another. In my case, I just stop writing, and I think about it every day, mostly about the plot. What is going to happen AFTER this part? Sometimes, it helps me fold out the crinks and gives me a few ideas. Mostly, it takes me a week or so to get back on track, but I just let inspiration take it's toll, and it always does, even if the waiting is tedious. But a lot of times, it is worth the good idea.


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